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  Am originally from Kenya in East Africa and now here in the States at Vero Beach Florida. My dear wife and I are blessed with Four children, Three girls and one boy. We sell mostly at outdoor markets and shows. I always had some of the same kind of items I have listed sent to me from Kenya for my own decoration and for gifts to family and friends. Most people who saw them wanted some or suggested I make an avenue for easier access, which helped build the idea to trade them come alive in open air markets and eventually here on eBay. It has been a learning experience so far. We have been looking for ways to share this Cultural Heritage and bridge the gap elsewhere. I have a lot of experience working on different media mostly African Arts and Crafts, I draw and paint mostly on canvas, am a naturally gifted Artist good in free hand graphics and calligraphy with a Gothic twist, am a social person that likes the market place.

 As for the banana leaf Art, we are known for the best products world wide, there is no match, we have a lot of experience and have been doing this as a tradition for longer than any family. We are The best. I will be doing some work myself soon of local and regional American inspirations and special requests, I will feature a broader base, for now enjoy the reduced prices for the best quality items. Feel free to compare with other Artists. Am so excited and waiting to hear from you!

 Am back at the store after time away, I did some learning along the way, I was hard on myself at first but am learning we all make choices that head south. Am learning from the experience, I cannot change the past. I will keep doing my best now for the future. Good to be back.

Contacts are,Yellooh Centimoja Thekamuno Onecent102 on yahoo aol and skype too.

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